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+1.402.203.2135 (Krista Barr-Director/Adult Programs)

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11934 Portal Rd, Omaha, NE  68128


You need a partner

You and your partner will be paired w/other teams of 2

Play 4 on 4

                       Chaperones provided                        (TVA staff have background checks through the AAU)

Spectators may stay as long as they can stay awake

4 on 4 Rules
All players can be backrow or front row at anytime
Yes, you can serve and then go block
You must maintain a true serving order
Sets (Games) will be to 21 cap at 23
Matches are self officiated (honor system)
Call replays upon discrepancies

Rotating 4's

Camp Out


May 25th (Friday) Grades 4-5-6th

June 29th (Friday) Grades 6-7-8th

July 13th (Friday) Grades 9-12th

Activity Timeline:
Doors open at 8pm
Play starts at 8:30
Play ends appx 1am-2am
Pizza-Ice Cream after play
Movies, popcorn, and fun until 7am pick-up time

All cell phones will be checked in at the door, may only be used in an emergency
Bring a sleeping bag and a pillow, water bottle, and change of clothes if you get super sweaty 

Our Sponsor

Cold Stone Creamery and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

12746 Westport Pkwy,
La Vista NE 68138



Includes pizza, ice cream, popcorn & movies

Each event is limited to 72 players total. Enter early to secure you and your partner's spot.

Overnight Volleyball Tournaments