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1)  Uniforms are not necessary, numbers are not required.   
2)  There are no official back row or front row players, all players can play front and back row at any time. 
3) You may serve and then be a blocker or spiker if you want.  
4)  Teams must serve in the same order from their 1st server to their 4th.  
5)  Teams will self-officiate.  If there is a discrepancy on the call (one team says in, one says out) REPLAY the ball. 
6) Games (sets) are played to 21.  
7) Substitute players are allowed for someone on the roster, but they must pay a $15 fee for the evening to play.
8) 5-6 Grade league will have a step in line for serving, if you make three points in a row from the step in line you must serve the remainder of your serves from the base line.

​**Any team may play in a higher (older) division, but you may not play in a younger division. If one player on the team is in the older division all players must play in the older division.

Festivus 4's League


$65 per player

  • Join us for a fun & competitive 4 on 4 Fall League at TVA 
  • Sunday Nights 5:00-7:00 p.m. 
  • Grab a few friends and create an all girls, all boys, or coed team of 4! 
  • ​Dates: November 18, 26 & December 3, 10, 17 ​, 2017


5- 6th grade

7- 8th grade

High School 

How to Register:

Register individually, 

but list teammates in the 

registration form