Office Administrator

Katrina Ahl

Mollee Adamson/4
Hannah Boone/3
Alli DeVries/3
Brittany Fleming/4
maria gallegos/5
Rebekah Klenke/2
Sara Kmicek/3
Mallory Matthies /3
Paige Menke/2
Peyton Mull/3
Taylor Prinz/2
Krissy Schulte/2
Nikki Seagle/3
Carly Stepanek/2
Kayli White/3
Erica Flores/1
Kayliana Taylor/1
Liv Petersen/3
Taelen Ahl/2

Kaite Ferge/5
Justin hall/4
Chelsea Hochar/2
Rick Hughes/13
stephanie kurpgeweit/4
tamara Flora/14
Aimee Noel/22
Sheila Pleskac/16
Diana Salerno/2
Lauren Steele/5
MaryBeth Steele/7
Katie Wright (Stanzel)/3
Katie Wright/5

steph ziola/3
Caitlin Anderson/5
Tori lee/6

Our coaches currently in College

These coaches have started their coaching careers with TVA.  Our Coaches-In-Training program is where coaches start in Level 1 and advance to Level 3.

2016-2017 TVA Coaches

These coaches have experience coaching college, HS, MS, and/or club. Their # of years of total coaching is after their name.

jenny bair/2
Lynlee Bauman/5
Theresa Kennelly/6
Lauren Salerno/5

Our Staff

Our coaches who have graduated from College

Our coaches currently in HS

Many of these coaches started their coaching experience with TVA and have since added coaching club teams and school teams to their resume.


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Asst. Director

Krista Barr

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