Our Staff

Our coaches who have graduated from College

These coaches have started their coaching careers with TVA.  Our Coaches-In-Training program is where coaches start in Level 1 and advance to Level 3.

Many of these coaches started their coaching experience with TVA and have since added coaching club teams and school teams to their resume.

jenny bair/2
Lynlee Bauman/5
Theresa Kennelly/6
Lauren Salerno/5

Our coaches currently in HS

Our coaches currently in College

These coaches have experience coaching college, HS, MS, and/or club. Their # of years of total coaching is after their name.

Mollee Adamson/4
Hannah Boone/3
Alli DeVries/3
Brittany Fleming/4
maria gallegos/5
Rebekah Klenke/2
Sara Kmicek/3
Mallory Matthies /3
Paige Menke/2
Peyton Mull/3
Taylor Prinz/2
Krissy Schulte/2
Nikki Seagle/3
Carly Stepanek/2
Kayli White/3
Erica Flores/1
Kayliana Taylor/1
Liv Petersen/3
Taelen Ahl/2

2016-2017 TVA Coaches

+1.402.213.4644 (Deb-Director)

+1.402.203.2135 (Krista-Asst. Director)

+1.402.578.7834 (Katrina-Office Admin)

11934 Portal Rd, Omaha, NE  68128

Asst. Director

Krista Barr


Office Administrator

Katrina Ahl


Deb Grafentin


Kaite Ferge/5
Justin hall/4
Chelsea Hochar/2
Rick Hughes/13
stephanie kurpgeweit/4
tamara Flora/14
Aimee Noel/22
Sheila Pleskac/16
Diana Salerno/2
Lauren Steele/5
MaryBeth Steele/7
Katie Wright (Stanzel)/3
Katie Wright/5

steph ziola/3
Caitlin Anderson/5
Tori lee/6