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The Volleyball Academy 

11934 Portal Rd, LaVista, NE 68128

2018 Rotating 4's Pajama Party

Rotating Coed 4's Rules:

  • Shoulders must be square to where you're setting.
  • Block does not count as a touch.
  • Girl rule is not in effect.
  • No open hand tipping

+1.402.213.4644 (Deb Grafentin-Director/Youth Programs)

+1.402.203.2135 (Krista Barr-Director/Adult Programs)

+1.402.658.9300 (Tori Lee-Director/Marketing & Advertising) +1.402.578.7834 (Katrina Ahl-Office Administrator)

11934 Portal Rd, Omaha, NE  68128

Adult Coed Tournament 

Saturday, January 13th

11:00 a.m. start time 

  • ​Sign up as a coed doubles team. You will be paired up with other teams to create a team of 4. Each group will play with and against each team of 2 in their pool. Pool play will consist of 2 round robin pools. After all pools are complete, teams will be assigned to tournament pool based on overall points. The overall winner will be the team with the best record and highest points.
  • You must wear pajamas to play! And you and your partner have to match! 
  • $25 per person/ $50 per team
  • Registration is closed​!