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The below testimonials are a few of the emails that have been sent to us without our solicitation. 

Stephanie's Testimonial - 2014
     We love how TVA promotes "TEAMWORK' in all aspects of the sport.  The coaches are fantastic and get the players motivated.

Olivia's Testimonial - 2014
     I loved the Fall Series because they work on proper skills to become a better volleyball player.  I improved my skills to play at River City Juniors in the club season.  I love how positive the coaches are and they take time to explain and breakdown skills if you need it.

Jolene's Testimonial - 2014
     TVA has a great coaching staff and has helped my daughter continue to improve her volleyball skills for her upcoming tryouts and challenged her to become a better team player.

Sarah's Testimonial - 2014
     The coaching staff at TVA has not only taught my daughter the game, they have instilled qualities and a high standard of sportsmanship  that has touched every area of her life!

Wade’s Testimonial – 2011
    Both of my daughters (Taylor and Megan) attended all of your camps this week and we would like to complete the education with one or more lessons that focuses on there serving abilities.
    As a side note I would like to thank you and your staff for what you have done for not only helping my girls play better volleyball, but also giving them the confidence to raise their game to a higher level. Taylor has been very down about her game after a bad club ball experience this past season. This past week I have never seen her more excited about playing. For that I am eternally grateful!!  Also, they attended your Dynamic Training and improved their strength, foot work and jumping abilities.  Great Job!!! They can’t wait to come back!!
    My wife and I will tell anybody who asks (or even those who don’t ask) about the Volleyball Academy experience.

A. Vankat’s Testimonial – 2011
Hi Deb,
My daughter, Kristin Vankat, was at the camp on Monday.  It has been about 3 years since she has done a camp.  We have 5 kids who play sports year round and have been to numerous camps.  Our experience with sports camps has been that they can be pretty pricey and they tend to be very general, helping the group but not so much the individual.  Kristin left the camp on Monday so excited.  She learned so much about her form and what she need to do to fine tune her hitting.  The video taping and critique was so helpful for her.  She is anxious to try out what she learned.   Thank you and best of luck with the new program and facility.
Amy Vankat

Leah – 2011
Hey Deb,

I just wanted to let you know what a great camp you ran. I really enjoyed it, and I do feel like I got a lot out of it. I really appreciate that your camp worked on helping me out individually with technique. Most camps I’ve gone to I haven’t gotten that kind of personal attention. I just wanted to make sure you realize that the feedback you gave, and the positive vibe didn’t go unnoticed. Also, I’m definetly working my booty off to fix the things that need to be fixed, to get where I want to be as a player. Thanks a ton,
Leah  (Millard West)

Nicole – 2010
The Volleyball Academy was a great way for me to improve on all my volleyball skills.  I went to the hitter camp, the setter/hitter camp, and also the defensive camp.  I must say they were all spectacular camps!  Deb will break down even the littlest things in your techniques.  While at the hitter camp, she video taped us several different times and then we were able to watch ourselves in slow motion, which let me say was awesome, and it helped me tremendously.  The low numbers (coach to camper ratio) at this camp also helped get tons of one on one time!!
Nicole from Schuyler